Jela’s Phat Phibs & BadAss Beardies have experienced an almost overnight success in the ever growing world of herps. What began as just a simple, family ran vending gig at local reptile shows, quickly spread into a full scale business operation. In just a few short months, Jela’s Phat Phibs & BadAss Beardies have become THE authority for fat frogs and high-end dragons in the midwest. To meet customer demand, we are now offering our entire line of quality, captive bred phibs and beardies, feeder insects and stylish merchandise to the rest of the country. See for yourself what all the buzz is about. Give us a call today and let our expert staff guide you through the ordering process. Let us help you find the phib or the beardie that is right for you. Experience first hand, the quality of our animals and the extensive care that can only come from that of a home based business. Take advantage of our low and competitive pricing and place your order today!!! We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee on all phibs, beardies and feeder insects purchased online*. At Jela’s Phat Phibs & BadAss Beardies, we carry a wide selection of fat frogs and bearded dragons, as well as the feeder insects that will help keep your animals healthy and happy for many years to come.

We specialize in the following Phat Phib species…

• Argentine Horned Frogs (Albino, Brown & Green)
• Fantasy Frogs
• Giant African Bullfrogs
• Ornate Horned Frogs
• Surinam Horned Frogs
and more…..

We offer the following BadAss Beardies…

• Citrus
• Flame
• Hypo
• Italian Leatherback
• Translucent
and more…..

We also offer the following Freaky Feeders…

• Blaptica Dubia
• Madagascar Hissers
• Mealworms
• Superworms

So, take the time to browse our site, learn about the proper set-up and care for your animal and give us a call or an email if you have any questions.

Ella & Jeff

*When delivery conditions are met. View Live Arrival Guarantee here.